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After a year of soul-searching, we knew wanted to be a force for good; to make sure everything we do is always surprising, inspiring and positive; and to have the capacity to make real changes in the world. Traditional politics is failing us, and the planet. As a result, sixty-three per cent of global consumers now prefer to buy from companies that stand for a purpose reflective of their own values and beliefs.

So brands have to be the ones leading the way: combining profit and purpose to spread ideas, take action and inspire others to do the same.

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  • With its considerable reach and influence, the high-end travel industry in particular has a huge responsibility be a force for good in the world. The two are not mutually exclusive. We know there is great power in collective thinking; that more minds are better than one to overcome challenges and achieve the unexpected.

    On our own, we would just be an industry of resourceful individuals, but together, we can do so much more. We want every one of our communities to be a truly inspired space.

    ESA - Earth’s atmosphere stretches out to the Moon – and beyond

    This is our mission, the goal that will guide all of our endeavours as a brand. This is also a reminder that whichever of our communities you join, you are all part of something bigger: a united global movement dedicated to doing great while making commerce a force for good, driven by personal relationships.

    In an increasingly digitised age, too many companies are losing sight of the power of real, human connections. Humanity is an asset in the commercial world that should never be underrated — it has the potential to be an incredible driving force. At This is Beyond, we believe that good business and great relationships go hand in hand, and feel privileged to have the mission of bringing together exceptional people through our events.

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    • But we always want that relationship to work both ways. With a new name, and a clear mission, we have never felt more inspired to move forward with all of you; to create unique, inspiring communities with humanity at their centre; and to push the boundaries of doing great while being good. Our events are exclusively for thought-leaders and curious minds, designed to power business and personal growth.

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      Anyone who does not yet know how complex and multifaceted a print production process is will certainly know it after talking to Martin Klein. After all, he deals with the [ This has really surprised us. The reasons are obvious: the current figures and forecasts for the future of the industry are more [ Operators of online platforms know that there is always room for improvement no matter where. Being self-critical is an initial path to doing things better — but an external perspective [ Say what?

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      One of the largest Swiss bookbinding businesses [ Print media has come under pressure from many sources: The Internet, changes in the advertising market, changing consumer behavior and rising costs. A brilliant idea and a three-room apartment were enough in to establish Posterlounge. Read More.