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So, think strapping armour-clad princesses, think timeless landscapes, right? He also appeared as a regular in General Hospital Computer technology is so advanced and we are now getting some very sophisticated thinking machines. Earth had seen two nuclear wars in the last 13, years and the Sirians and Orions were bringing in the technology for a third. Plot 2 After casually destroying the planet Hazard, Bowzock, a gang of hot-rodding bandits in outer space, heads to the next target-- the earth!

The guy's supposed to be a computer image! Sometimes that can be a handicap, to get involved in science fiction shows Producers sometimes look at science fiction as something for kids. That kind of check occurs when Hugh Hoyland is shown the Main Control Room and the stars, and realizes for the first time that the ship is not the universe, that the Trip is real and not a metaphor.

He also served as co-producer and co-writer of "Imagine - John Lennon," and co-writer of the cult comedy "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Camerio disguised himself as a photographer, and when he took pictures of people they were transported to a Jamahl slave quarry to work for Jamahl , e. The Klingons were enslaved, as the Empire cleared out First City and Tong Vee, established concentration camps and containment facilities within the Hamar Mountains, expanded the mining operations of Praxis, and constructed a orbital defense base around the world.

Klingon slaves worked at factories, military outposts, and mines, while also being deported offworld to work at Despayre and other Imperial construction projects online. There are some great new aliens, including a character played by Ben Browder's wife, Francesca Buller, coming up in episode Described by David Kemper as a "balls-out" performance, this character is what Browder calls "a dangerous critter," and, honestly, one of the weirder aliens you'll see on TV.


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This process has a couple of advantages: 1 computer generated effects are mush cheaper to produce than those utilising models, and 2 shots and angles which would be impossible to create with models can easily be generated on the computer. A grand jury refused to indict any of the police; the suspect, Thomas Jones, who had been shot five times, ultimately pleaded guilty.

And while Timoney was initially praised for the way the department dealt with protesters at the Convention, he was later accused of overzealousness; most of the charges against the protesters were quickly dismissed. Timoney said publicly that he left Philadelphia because he once more wanted to earn money in the private sector, but it was clear from our conversations that almost every aspect of the job had worn him down.

He spent great amounts of time in arbitration hearings and on depositions that almost always favored the disciplined cop.

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Timoney has always had a tendency to lash out at his critics and acknowledges that this only made things worse for him. His next job was with a private security firm in New York run by the former N. Within a week, Timoney, who had never been to Miami, was meeting with Diaz, a Cuban-born lawyer who had been elected a year earlier. Miami, a city with a population of three hundred and eighty-six thousand, had been on the verge of bankruptcy and was recovering from a junk-bond rating from Wall Street.

Timoney agreed to take the job, which came with an annual salary of a hundred and seventy-three thousand dollars, making him the highest-paid city employee. Right away, he recruited people he could count on, such as John Gallagher, who had left Philadelphia to work as a federal prosecutor on civil-rights cases in New Mexico. Timoney sent Gallagher the Miami use-of-force policy and asked him to give it a critical look. The old policy had focussed simply on when it was legal to pull the trigger. He also called Louis Vega, a former undercover officer in the N.

By having a very tough guy in there, my guy, I was keeping them on their toes. Timoney asked Frank Fernandez, a forty-two-year-old lieutenant commander, to be his second-in-command. Fernandez had overseen the rescue and roundup of two hundred and twenty Haitian refugees in , when their boat ran aground in Key Biscayne; he did this even though the effort was not officially his responsibility.

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Fernandez was standing with two of his deputies in a small conference room when I stopped by his office, one wall of which was covered with maps dotted with robbery sites. Fernandez believes that the gun culture of the Miami Police Department had its roots in the Mariel boatlift, when a hundred and twenty-five thousand Cubans landed in Miami over a six-month period.

A small percentage of these refugees were criminals and mental patients released by Castro, but they received much of the blame for a crime wave then gripping the city. In this climate, the department went through a rapid turnover and expansion—losing about four hundred experienced officers and hiring twice that many recruits. The new cops drew their guns more often. He pointed out the obvious danger of shooting a driver—turning a car into a four-thousand-pound unguided missile. He armed his officers with Tasers—stun guns—but he also told them not to be afraid to use their guns to defend themselves.

Timoney and Fernandez established accountability not only in the use of force but in the chain of command: at roll calls, Timoney made it clear that he was going to hold supervisors, particularly the sergeants, accountable for everything their officers did. Miami police had been anticipating riots similar to what Seattle saw in , and forty law-enforcement agencies had been called in to help. The protests turned out to be smaller than expected, but there were complaints about police aggressiveness. Seu had been the target of the investigation; Sean had not been involved in the drug negotiations, but he had agreed to drive Seu and carried a gym bag stuffed with money into the hotel room that the D.

Timoney told me that their relationship be-gan to deteriorate when Sean, who had been a star high-school soccer player and captain of his team, suffered a knee injury that ended his athletic career. Sean also had a mysterious debilitating illness that was later diagnosed as a severe case of Lyme disease. His father was everything. But Sean is not John. After finishing high school, Sean moved with his mother to Philadelphia, where he enrolled at St. But he dropped out, citing medical reasons, and never returned.

That did it, Timoney said. Listen, you can come up with all sorts of excuses in life. Sean began delivering pizzas.

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She told her father to show some compassion. John Timoney told Hayes he was not going to post bail. Let him just rot in there. Much of what John Timoney has done as a policeman in Miami is no longer particularly novel, but a lot of it was new to Miami—and, in retrospect, seems obvious and necessary. DNA was checked only after a suspect had been arrested. By having all those detectives and uniformed officers, including myself and the other chiefs, focussed on this case, we lost the opportunity to be working on something else.

Had he ever thrown an extra punch at a suspect in custody? Most people thought that the Rodney King thing was horrible because he was hit. He was a defenseless guy hit fifty-six times. That was true. Stop it.

The testing of a top cop.

He had not planned to attend, because newspaper stories suggested that Sean, whose sentencing had twice been postponed, was receiving special treatment. Before the sentencing, Timoney seemed to have mixed feelings about what lay ahead. First-time offense. Never been in trouble before. He was driving. He was making money.

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You plead guilty. This is one of the cases where the wiretaps are very helpful, because they show what a schmuck he is. All right.

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  4. So that was the special treatment that John and Noreen Timoney got, and in return for all of that heartache what they gave back was safety and a better life in a very dramatic way for New York City. Sean Timoney asked U. District Court Judge Thomas J. John Timoney had thought that his son would be sentenced to a year and released in six months—that he had demonstrated that he had straightened out his life.