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I learned just from being around. And I did want to be a journalist. I had been one of the editors of my school newspaper. My husband was a journalist. And then, this is classic. We went to Chicago, where he worked for the Chicago Sun-Times. And you would not want to work on a competing paper. I worked for a while at Encyclopedia Britannica , then I had my twin daughters, then I went to graduate school and did a lot of volunteer work.

In , I started working as chief legislative assistant to Sen. Ed Muskie. That was the first time I really had a full-time job.

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But originally I went into movies not because I was burnt out on journalism but from economic desperation. So I started doing scripts because everyone was doing it. It saved me from having to live in the country or some fate worse than death.

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Art, acting, and music all became very fluid at this point, especially with the underlying theme of humor. I pretended to be a really gross sorority girl named Moonstone who never did the dishes. That was my first movie. From there I wanted to do more and see if I could pull it off.

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Our hearts sometimes know ourselves better than our minds do. There are times when you can work 60 or 70 hour weeks for less pay, and there are times when you may need to make more money or be home more consistently for your family. Knowing that at the outset — that any career change will probably be followed by more changes, in varying degrees — can help you keep things in perspective if and when you start to re-evaluate things once again. I did not go to medical school. My mother would be very excited that people think I did. I was taking a year off before medical school, but I was afraid to leave science.

I could do this. It was like out of a bad movie… then I drove cross-country with a friend to try to make that Hollywood thing happen … [Comedy Central] had a stand-up competition … And I did it, and I got into the semifinals and then to the finals, and then I won. I won a car. They know going into medicine that they will have a rough few years.

The same is true for a lot of entry-level positions in many industries—at the start you might find yourself doing a lot of grunt work, instead of the really interesting stuff. But, when you think about where you could be in five years, you still have an interest. You can see a path forward, a job that will come your way, or a change in circumstance that happens after you pay your dues, and you feel good about it. Then you are OK, and can chalk job dissatisfaction up to a rough patch, a bad moment, or part of learning on the job.

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So, think about the future for a second. Does it seem brighter if you look five years down the road? Or, do you feel like you have no plan, and the thought of having more responsibility or experience makes you want to run and hide? New options are being created by technology all the time, as old ones slowly vanish.

Remember travel agents? Or the Yellow Pages? But now we have social media managers and Facebook experts. It consists of just three painfully simple questions to help you realize if you actually hate your job:. Take it. You know the worn-out phrase. Do it right, and job offers will come pouring into your inbox. You might not even have to send out a single job application. Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes?

Try our resume builder. Sample resume made with our builder— See more templates and create your resume here. You never know when your connections might come in handy. Your current job is a nightmare? Do you have questions about what to do when you hate your job? Want to share your personal story and hear our advice? Give us a shout in the comments.

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Learn how to use your LinkedIn profile to get job offers from the best companies. Boost your career with these easy LinkedIn profile tips and tricks. Read more! Find out why career aptitude tests and career quizzes steer you wrong, and what to do instead!