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Comments 1. The First Conglomerate. Total Customer Reviews: Availability: Usually ships in business days. A business history of the Singer Sewing Machine Company as seen from the company president's office. Overview of sewing machine history and development. Brief biography of Isaac M. Singer followed by biographical sketches of succeeding company presidents over years to the present day. Biographies of company presidents: Edward S.


Lightner, Donald P. Kircher, Joseph B. Flavin, Paul Bilzerian and James H. Mama Sewed.

Antique Treadle Powered Singer Sewing Machine

I recall people asking me where I had bought it. I remember when I was about seven I cut out a dog pattern and began sewing it. I had watched my mom sew. When I was done sewing the first piece I took it out to my mom and asked how to get the pattern piece off! I had thought I had to follow along the stitching line on the pattern — otherwise how would I know where to sew?

I sewed with my grandmother when I was tiny, but the first thing I can remember sewing is a scrunchie.

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First bigger project was either a shirt or a plastic bag holder- that my mom still uses! As a little girl 3 or so , I had a toy sewing machine that worked. Learned how to mend clothes. I remember making doll clothes for Barbie. Home Ec class when I was I made a sleeveless cotton blouse, and my grandmother made a yellow corduroy skirt for me so I could wear it to school. I started by making clothes for my dolls.

Open Line Friday-Who Taught YOU to Sew? - Lori Kennedy Quilts

I guess this is how some athletes are. I was 25 and took a lingerie class to learn how to sew. The first thing I ever made was a camisole. I grew up watching my mom sew and she made she I took home economics. My first independent project was in the 6th grade.

I made a lap blanket 6th grade size. I picked out my own fabric and had the right of passage of purchasing on my own. I still remember the old shop that is long gone and the smell of newly oiled singer machines lining the wall. I started sewing as a toddler with my Grandmother on her treadle machine. I worked the peddles and helped sort the pieces for her. She was an awesome quilter. I did a lot of handstitching, mostly cross-stitch when I was younger, but then when I had my daughters I really wanted to learn to sew clothing to make them matching outfits.

So, I called my mom and she would help me over the phone. She always loved to sew and was thrilled that I finally did too! I learned to sew when I was 24 and pregnant with my first daughter. My first project was burpcloths! I got my first sewing machine for my 14th birthday and I pieced a Dutch doll quilt top with my grandmothers help.

Sewing machines (watch before you buy) - SEW IT BEGINS EP 2

When I was really little I begged my mom to let me make something, I made a mini heat shaped pillow out of spare red corduroy she had used to make me overalls. Years ago I made toddler pants for my son from a pattern. But recently I started quilting and made a welcome quilt for my entryway. I first started to see when I was about The project was an apron. I think I may still have it some 49 years later. I first learned to sew on a machine when I was four years old. I made a new pillow case for the one that I ripped during a pillow fight! There were feathers everywhere and my mom was not pleased. I still remember the blue and white ticking that I used. My first project was a corduroy jumper that I made in Home Ec class in the 7th grade. Thanks for the chance to win! My earliest sewing memories are from about age 9 with my great grandmother.

She worked the foot pedal while I guided the pillow fabric on her antique sewing machine. When I started high school we made our smocks for our cooking class in our sewing class.

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In primary school we did a lot samples of various stiches. I come from a family of sewists, but I learned the art in junior high school at the age of After that, I was hooked and have sewn ever since. I first sewed in Home Ec in middle school. I learned to sew last October …. I was hooked!

Since then, I have made about 2 quilts every month and have made several other projects as well. Also, the Bernina Sales Rep. I took home economics in high school and made a skirt with an elastic waistband. Been sewing ever since, 40 years. I must have been about 8 years old, my great-aunt always sewed my clothing, and I wanted to learn. She had me make a pillow with ruffles and all. It did come out a bit lopsided but I fell in love with sewing from that pillow on! Started my sewing classes when I was about 11 years old.

It was in the hall of a church in my town where I lived. I have just started making quilts and Love It! Love It! Love It!.

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Am just finishing a wedding quilt for my grand daughter and will be onto the next project. What ever goodies there are in that Bernina backpack would sure be put to good use. I learned at the age of 7 or 8 from my mother on a Singer treadle which she had converted eventually and have been sewing ever since some 70 years later but on a Bernina — yay!

I am an avid art quilter. My mom enrolled my sister and I in summer sewing lessons when I was about ten or eleven. I continued learning in he high. My first real project was a costume for my sister for her school play. I first learned to sew from my Mother.

I was in 5th grade. When I was about 4 years old I got the Measles.

During my illness, my Grandmother made me a quilt. Well, new to me!