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They brought an airy buoyancy to the opening Allegro, beginning unusually quietly and then building to passages of exultant joy. Their ability to play pianissimo passages with clear, hall-filling resonance achieved an unusually wide dynamic range that allowed for greater expressivity. David Fleshler - Review in full. Homogeneous comes immediately to mind.

Four characterful instrumentalists discarding selfhood, as all quartets must, to embrace temperamental and interpretive unanimity. Of the hundreds of string quartets on the world stage today, this quartet in particular, enjoys a unique equality of technical prowess between its members. The result, a disarming parity, the four speaking as one beautifully nuanced, superbly blended voice.

Otherwise, though, Last Leaf picks up where Wood Works left off: well-paced arrangements of myriad dance tunes from across the Nordic countries — from more refined waltzes and minuets to the wilder fare of polskas and reels.

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  • String Quartet No. 2 in a minor, Op. 13, Ist es wahr? [Is it true?] - Felix Mendelssohn?

Those technical achievements, in turn, were put to the service of impeccably conceived readings of these familiar works. Joshua Kosman - Article. Classical Modern Music. For this new album they devote their attention to Nordic folk forms, specially created arrangements of elaborate folk fiddling and songful artfulnesses, some going back countless eons, whether Christmas tunes or dance fare. There is a unity of mood and purpose in the entire program overall, one that shows the Quartet to have notable virtuoso abilities and a beautiful tone blend born of the sensitive adjustment of instrumentalist to instrumentalist.

Grego Applegate Edwards - Review in full.

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But when it comes to the simple idea of a classical string quartet performing folk tunes, the Danish musicians have exceeded all expectations. Tom Huizenga - Article. Intonation, bowing and ensemble were as perfect as humans can achieve. What is remarkable is that they rarely refered to each other for starts or other musical cues as they performed.

Maybe it is the result of playing together all over the world for 17 years, but it must be something more than that. No matter how it was achieved, it produced a remarkable performance that sounded like there was only one player. This also helped them to achieve the noteworthy clarity of lines, so important in the contrapuntal writing of both composers more about that later.

Anther striking thing about their performance is the extraordinary legato that they achieve. It sounds like they have a circular bow. As to intonation, it was immediately obvious that the same ESP applies to carefully matching pitches. It is rare to hear such dead-on intonation and, at intermission, nearly everyone was commenting on it. It made a startling contrast with the Haydn that preceded it. Here, the players blended smoothly without any loss of individuality. The second movement proved particularly alluring, the first violin injecting a folkish tinge, as if lamenting lost love, while the other instruments sighed sympathetically.

The arrangements go in for rousing harmonies, silky textures and big builds, which sanitises the character of the tunes and straightens out the kinks. They hurtle through reels, playing fast because they can. Kate Molleson - Article Highresaudio. Whatever the repertoire of this quartet, as in the case of their new album Scandinavian folk songs, the credibility of their work is always guaranteed.

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There is nothing superimposed or artificial. At any time, the Danes give the listener the impression of coherence, which is not least attained by the consistently outstanding arrangements of the songs. Last Leaf is an album that by means of its songs communicates a unique calmness.

Regardless of the mostly quietly passing songs, a tension builds up that captures the listener and requires immediate repetition after having played the album. Last Leaf is the most fascinating and successful attempt to translate Nordic folklore into the sound world of classical music.

Mendelssohn: String Quartet, Op. 13 & String Quartet, Op. 44, No. 1 (Remastered)

The Danish String Quartet, famous for unusual programming and folk influences as well as unimpeachable technical chops, has recrafted 16 pieces of beautiful folk music into an exquisitely played new recording, Last Leaf. The folk-tune sources are always clear in the melodic structure, which is given a harmonic underpinning that may surprise those acquainted with the originals. Mendelssohn wrote his String Quartet No. Each shows a vibrant sonarity and a strong sense of form; each shares a kind of modern, youthful expressive quality that the Danish String Quartet brings out with lyrical care and fine detail.

Tinalley String Quartet: Mendelssohn

The Danish String Quartet shows us masterfully coherent readings of the works, a syntactical flowering born of strict attention to the dynamic and coloristic demands of each composer and the quartet's own artistic togetherness of purpose. It is a tribute to the outstanding artistry of the Danish String Quartet. The performances help us experience directly the subtleties of these works. Very recommended. Enescu, Georges string quartet in G major, op.

Mendelssohn - String Quartet no.2 op.13 in A minor

Farrenc, Louise nonet in E flat major op. Gade, Niels W. Glasunov, Alexander Five Novelettes op. Goldschmidt, Berthold string quartet no. Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Pelle geb Concerto grosso for string quartet and symphonic ensemble. Haydn, Joseph string quartet op. Haydn, Michael string quintet in G major Hensel-Mendelssohn, Fanny string quartet in E flat major.

Hindemith, Paul 4th string quartet op. Howells, Herbert Rhapsodic Quintet for clarinet and string quartet. Hummel, Johann Nepomuk piano quintet op.

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Kreutzer, Conradin septet op. Krommer, Franz flute quartet op. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix string quartet in E flat major string quartet op. Mozart, W. Onslow, Georges, string quartet op. Pfitzner, Hans sextet op. Prokofjew, Sergej Overture on Hebrew Themes for clarinet, piano and string quartet. Schumann, Robert string quartet op.

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Stallaert, Alphonse quintet for saxophone and string quartet. Stamitz, Carl quintet for french horn and string quartet op.