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How much do you share with the cyber world? How do you alert your loved ones when shit gets real? What's worth keeping private? The answer, of course, varies for everyone — but one thing's for sure: tons of people post about their breakups — even those of us with far less than one million followers. Whether it's a joint post crafted with a partner or a rage-fueled diatribe by an ex-girlfriend scorned, check out how these four women posted about their breakups on social media.

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It’s over… Sending the perfect breakup email

You make peace with your loss "RIP to old bae" and, little by little, you start to feel ready to move on. Thank u, next. Ah, the final stage. You made it! Through all the heartbreak, the back-and-forth, and the unsettling emotions, you've finally reached a point where you can start looking toward the future. You're ready to try again and know there could be someone else out there. Follow Taylor on Instagram. Type keyword s to search.

Today's Top Stories. Shawn and Camila Were Spotted Holding Hands. Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. What does it really mean to let go?

Our Letting Go series highlights these compelling and complicated stories. When I was 13, I made a checklist of traits I required of my future husband.

When you break up with someone…

I was a shallow year-old. Successful whatever that meant as a teen? Treats me like a queen, even in my least queenly moments such as that one time I had too much tequila and yelled at him in front of all my friends to buy me chicken nuggets? Buys me chicken nuggets, no questions asked? Check, check, check. And yet.

16 Books To Read During A Breakup

Leo and I found each other unexpectedly, both freshly single from previous relationships. It felt right in a way no other romantic relationship had before in my life. With my previous boyfriends, there was always an imbalance between who loved and who was loved. With Leo, it felt equal. We loved each other the exact same—which would be a lot, and passionately. I remember sitting in the passenger seat of his small burnt-orange Honda Fit one particularly warm L.

It seemed she was going on strings of unsuccessful dates with guys who would either ghost her or treat her poorly.

I had never loved or been loved in this way before, the kind of love that sees all of your broken, unsightly parts and jagged edges and embraces you anyway, even if it tears itself a bit in the process. It felt like a grown-up type of love—the type of love that sustains the one major romance you have for the rest of your life.

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For almost three years, I was in a blissful cloud. We were in a blissful cloud. Everything happening around us felt hazy, tinged in Millennial Pink, and warm. Nothing could really go wrong, because we had each other. Never mind the nagging little voice in my head reminding me the reason I broke up with my previous boyfriend was to pursue my dream of moving to New York and learn how to be alone. Never mind that.

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  • When that voice crept up, I quashed it immediately.